Yale Beats Harvard

There are few things I care less about than college football (golf, maybe, but that’s beside the point). So while the title of this post has football connotations, my meaning has nothing to do with sports, but rather with college towns. And in this regard, Yale’s New Haven, Connecticut, dominates Harvard’s Cambridge, Massachusetts. Although it is true that we didn’t really spend enough time in either destination to fairly compare, what else are covers for if not to judge books? So we judged, and declared New Haven the winner.

New Haven just felt more to us like what a college town is supposed to be, with its open greens and Gothic Revival architecture. It is a stark contrast to New York City, where Shannon and I both went to school. We decided it would be nice to enroll here and study something pointless, like Romance Languages or Art History. But that is too much of a commitment. Instead, we availed ourselves of their free museums and Frank Pepe’s pizza, reportedly the originator of New England style thin crust. So in the end, we spent the day learning some irrelevant facts and downing a large amount of pizza, just like a regular student.

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2 Comments on “Yale Beats Harvard”

  1. Chris H. October 11, 2010 at 7:13 am #

    Just wanted to say that although I don’t get much time to comment these days, I do read every one of your blogs and I am thoroughly enjoying my vicarious road trip.


  2. friendlytm August 21, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    I love college towns too. Studying art history is a very good idea, why not? Enjoy your travels wherever you go!


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