Charleston, Too

Charleston Tea Plantation, South Carolina

Yesterday’s post had a little fun at Charleston’s expense. While I think those factories are technically within Charleston city limits, much of the area actually looks more like the picture above. But this isn’t “anywhere” Charleston, this is specifically the Charleston Tea Plantation. If you want to see tea grown in the US, and who doesn’t, you have to come here, because this is the only place in all of North America where it’s still grown. Visit the factory; take a trolley tour of the 127 acre tea farm; stroll the grounds; or just sit on the porch and savor a complementary glass of freshly harvested and brewed sweet tea. Ahhhhh.

Charleston Tea Plantation, South Carolina

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One Comment on “Charleston, Too”

  1. Grant November 23, 2010 at 10:17 pm #

    That is one thing I miss about the south… the ice cold sweet tea…


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