Meet Me in Miami

South Beach beckoned, and we heeded the call–after stopping for lunch al fresco at the French-inspired eatery La Sandwicherie–during our first Miami outing. The mythic stretch of sand and much-hyped celebrity playground was a nice but pretty much regular beach. No star sightings, just a lot of tourists like us enjoying the sun and surf.

We found intriguing scenery in north Miami at the Cloisters of the Ancient Spanish Monastery, which made a picturesque backdrop for Brian to try out his brand-new, fancy camera.

The church was constructed in Spain in the 12th century and, in 1925, purchased by William Randolph Hearst and shipped to the U.S. in 11,000 wooden crates. They languished in a Brooklyn, New York, warehouse for 26 years, until a buyer came along and had the cloisters reassembled in Miami. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, each numbered stone was placed in its original location.

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