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7 Lessons From a Year on the Road

Cadillac Mountain

One year ago today we set out on a grand adventure. At the time we had no idea how things would turn out. Whether we’d take to the road or return home with our tails between our legs was a complete mystery. Well, a year later we’re still going and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. But as much as we’re enjoying ourselves, no life altering change can happen without learning a few things along the way. Here is my list of the seven biggest lessons from a year on the road: Read More…

New Orleans, a City of Contrasts

New Orleans Image

I absolutely love New Orleans. It is raw, and interesting, and beautiful. It has the old bones of a European capitol and the young heart of a college town. It is a study in contrasts. And not just the buildings, but the people too. On any given night, Read More…

Baton Rouge’s ‘Little Sham of a Castle’

Old State Capitol, Baton Rouge Louisiana

“It is pathetic enough that a whitewashed castle, with turrets and things – materials all ungenuine within and without, pretending to be what they are not – should ever have been built in this otherwise honorable place; but it is much more pathetic to see this architectural falsehood undergoing restoration and perpetuation in our day, when it would have been so easy to let dynamite finish what a charitable fire began, and then devote this restoration-money to the building of something genuine.”

– Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

Apparently Mark Twain didn’t care much for the original Capitol Building in Baton Rouge, calling it a ‘little sham of a castle.’ I can kind of see his point. Read More…

Photo of the Day: Baton Rouge Capitol Park

Baton Rouge State Capitol Park

Capitol Park as seen from atop the Baton Rouge State Capitol, Louisiana

8 Favorite Destinations (East Coast Edition)

One of the most common questions we get is also the hardest to answer: What is the best place you’ve visited? There are so many great places, not to mention experiences, that it is hard to pick just one – or even several – that rank supreme. So instead of crowning a single destination, we’ve chosen to highlight eight favorites selected from the 58 stops we made over 52 weeks of continuous travel. Read More…

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