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8 Favorite Destinations (East Coast Edition)

One of the most common questions we get is also the hardest to answer: What is the best place you’ve visited? There are so many great places, not to mention experiences, that it is hard to pick just one – or even several – that rank supreme. So instead of crowning a single destination, we’ve chosen to highlight eight favorites selected from the 58 stops we made over 52 weeks of continuous travel. Read More…

I Am The Pied Piper

Hunting Island BeachOr maybe it is Shannon’s inner Druid. But for whatever reason, we first lured Bambi out of her woodland realm to join us for a jog through Falls Lake State park.  Now we’ve enticed Aquaman to accompany our run on Hunting Island Beach. In truth, we didn’t actually see Aquaman, just one of his dolphins, but I’m pretty sure he was there too. The dolphin, meanwhile, swam in our direction just 50 yards offshore; playfully jumping alongside us as we lumbered down the beach.

In case you couldn’t tell, that isn’t an actual picture of our exercise companions. Dolphins are shy, so I didn’t take a photo. I also don’t normally bring my camera along on runs, but maybe I should start.

Bigger Is Better

At low tide the marsh mud literally crawls with these fiddler crabs. The male, seen here, has one comically large claw which he waves in the air to attract mates. And yes, bigger really is better.

Elsewhere, The African Plains

Hunting Island State Park, SC

In other parts of the state park, we almost expected to see lions laying in wait for gazelles. This a bit of an optical illusion, though, driven in part by our ignorance of Africa, no doubt. What you see here is marshland, rather than grassy plains. But it’s yet another contrast to the beaches, semi-tropical forests, and wastelands you find just a couple of miles in any direction. Did I say ‘this place rocks’ already?


Hunting Island Beach, South CarolinaNot really, but the southern edge of Hunting Island Beach is covered with a small forest of these dead trees; obviously consumed by the encroaching tides. It’s quite a contrast to the leafy, jungle-like, forests just a short walk away.

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