A Slice of Home

This article by Travel and Beyond on Lombardi’s in New York City reminds me of one of the things I miss about home – some of the best pizza anywhere. In a city of great pies, Lombardi’s ranks supreme; according to me at least.

The genius of this pizza starts with the crust, which is black and crispy on the underside (with pleasant, slightly bitter overtones), but gives way to a wonderfully soft, yeasty interior. Signature toppings like pepperoni and home-made meatballs, along with the restaurant’s famous clam pie, keep locals and tourists alike coming back. ~ Lombardi’s Pizza

Unable to sink my teeth in to a nostalgic meatball pie from Lombardi’s, I’ll have to satisfy myself with a new upstart and contender for the crown. Not a small mom-and-pop traditional pizzeria, but a chain. Mellow Mushroom’s non-traditional pies, particularly its Magical Mystery Tour, give a whole new meaning to the word pizza. It’s not even like the same food. So when we stop in this Saturday for some Mellow Mushroom, we won’t really be cheating on our favorite from home.

Relive our first taste of the Mellow here: Don’t Judge a Pizzeria by its Drug Culture Cred

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