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A Transatlantic Toast

ChampaignCongratulations are in order to both Shannon and her London-based co-author, Joni, for finally turning the page on another awesome page-turner. Today we’ll be popping the cork on this pink champagne and raising a glass to toast the collaborative couple and to wish their new book, Writers Between the Covers, a fond farewell as it makes its way to their publisher.

It’s been a long road, quite literally: from pitching editors while noshing food-truck fare in Denver’s Civic Center Park and researching Gustave Flaubert while in Flores, Guatemala, to carving out time for writing at every one of our last 87 destinations and now, finally, pushing the button on a completed manuscript from Cedar City, Utah.

We’ll have more to say on their latest tome closer to its publication date. For now, we’re simply celebrating another job well done.



Wanderings on the Web

Image courtesy of Pong

What do teleportation, the land mass of South America and Denver food trucks all have in common? They’re part of Wanderings’ first ever internet interview. We sat down with the good folks over at to answer a few questions. If you’re curious how all those things fit together, you’ll have to click over to the interview to find out.

(Editorial note: Our blog, EverywhereOnce, used to go by the name Wanderings.)

Back in the Saddle

“All work and no play . . . “ may seem like a strange proverb to open a EverywhereOnce post. It’s true that this blog is about play far more than it is about work. But the writing and photo editing needed to get these posts published requires no small amount of effort on my part; effort that is generally uncompensated. ‘Poor me’ – I know. But it is a self-imposed burden; one that I abruptly stopped carrying about a month back. Read More…

Something you probably didn’t know

Click image for one of Shannon's published works. Photo © Château de Monte-Cristo

Writing is hard work. Getting paid to write is damn near impossible. I know, because I’ve watched Shannon do the impossible every day for the last six years. She’s far more successful than she gives herself credit for, and I’m incredibly proud of her.

I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs lately and I came across this essay So You Wanna Be a Travel Writer? posted by a professional freelancer. Her experience mirrors ours, or Shannon’s, at least. It’s a good exposé on the realities of trying to write for pay. Freelance writing is a field where you have to work terribly hard; suffer constant rejection; manage the chaos of feast or famine assignments; harass editors for pay; deal with the uncertainty of when, or whether, the next check will arrive; constantly ‘interview’ for the next gig; work on stories that may never get sold; and compete with folks who are willing to do all of this for free. It’s not all fun and games, even if it appears to be.

Nobody knows how hard Shannon has worked to make a go of it in this crazy profession, but I thought you should.

Good Advice

I’m not always big on reading signs, but this one seems like it offers pretty solid advice. I’m not sure what I’d feed them though, even if I wanted to. An arm? A leg? Shannon?

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