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Top Secret


I’m sworn to secrecy because Shannon is working on a couple of paid assignments for this topic, and last I checked, none of you have sent in subscription payments so all I’m allowed to say here is . . . Lemurs!

Happy Political Ad Freedom Day

Congratulations to everyone who survived another campaign cycle. After enduring consistently deceitful political ads though 8 different states and more congressional districts than I can count, I can confidently proclaim that whoever wins today, we are all completely screwed.

We’re Back


Back safely in the U.S. of A, we sailed through customs with nary a finger probe. We even managed (unintentionally) to smuggle Mothra here across the border. Our little stowaway, demonstrating the remarkable determination common among those trying to escape Canadian tyranny, braved sustained 65 mph winds for the duration of the trip, even at the cost of clearly tattered wings. But here, at least, she has the chance for a free and prosperous life.

Oh, if at some point in the near future, New York is destroyed by a plague of giant months, don’t blame us. Call Godzilla.

Zen Cat

Zen Cat ImageIt is probably impossible for anything in the universe to be cooler than a Zen cat.



We went to Le Cinema for the first time since hitting the road. We chose Inception because I vaguely remember seeing interesting looking trailers and it was just about the only English language film we could find (Eat, Pray, Love doesn’t count). On the plus side, the theater had some really good doughnuts.

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