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8 Favorite Destinations, Year 2

We’ve now been on the road for two solid years. During that time we’ve visited 145 different locations in both North and Central America. Last year we highlighted Eight Favorite Destinations from our first year of travel. With another full year under our belts, it’s once again time to select the best from the last 365 days. Each of the following headlines links back to our original blog post about the destination.

Pictured Rocks, MI

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI

If 200-foot, multi-colored sandstone cliffs along a lake of emerald-colored water isn’t how you imagine Michigan, it’s time for a pilgrimage to Pictured Rock National Lakeshore in the state’s Upper Peninsula. It absolutely blew us away with its striking similarities to one of our favorite excursions ever: rafting through the Grand Canyon.

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Photo of the Day: Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, South Dakota

Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, South Dakota

24 Hours in Custer State Park

Custer State Park Needles

These granite spires, known as “needles,” are one of the signature sights in South Dakota’s Custer State Park

With 71,000 acres to explore Custer is South Dakota’s largest state park. Despite its size an excellent network of roads permit visitors to see most of the park’s highlights in a single day, although several weeks would be needed to fully canvas all of its lakes, creeks, mountains, plains and hiking trails.

Whether staying a single night or several, Custer is one of the more welcoming parks we’ve visited; with no fewer than four lodges ranging in style from posh to dude ranch. Choosing from among their 13 campgrounds was no small feat either. We eventually decided to stay at the excellent Legion Lake facility, but suspect we’d have been happy with any of the options.

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Boys will be boys

Mammoth Site, Hot Springs South Dakota

26,000 years ago teenage males were dumb; and they didn’t listen to their mothers. We know this is true because we have proof. What is remarkable is how little has changed over time and among species.

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Badlands National Park, SD

Badlands National Park

If we found the scenery of Theodore Roosevelt National Park stunning, and we did, it was just a warm-up for what we encountered in South Dakota’s Badlands.

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