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Mansions on the Cheap

Minnesota State Capitol Building, St. Paul, MN

One sure way to break the travel budget is with lots of mansion tours. The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, is fantastic, but as one of my readers correctly pointed out ‘at the price they charge it’s no wonder.’ Entrance fees for Biltmore can run as much as $64 per person. The Breakers in Newport will set you back almost $20, and the James Hill House in St. Paul, Minnesota, runs eight bucks. If you’re wondering who in Sam Hill is James Hill, all I can say to you is – exactly. Read More…

Nashville, Out of Tune

“The bad news is that half the park is flooded. The good news is that your campsite is still dry. The best news is that you now have a water front view,” said the park ranger as we checked in at the Seven Points campground in Nashville, TN.

“I saw on the news that we’re expecting a lot more rain tonight,” I replied, somewhat concerned about the ‘still dry’ place we were planning to live for the next seven days – one that apparently had a view of the water that wasn’t originally part of its design.

“Yup, and the water is still rising.”

“Is that site going to be okay?”

“Don’t worry. We’ll get you out in time.”

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