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Oregon 2.0

Bend Oregon Wildflowers

Long before we set off for Europe, we needed to drive the RV south before winter set in. After journeying up the atmospheric Oregon coast in the spring and a stop in delightful Portland, what else could the state possibly offer us? From Shakespeare to beer, here are some of the highlights from our second foray through Oregon.

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Everything is Big

Texas State Capitol, Austin TX

In keeping with Texas’ well known slogan its State Capitol building in Austin is indeed the largest in the country. Despite its size, the interior isn’t as elaborate as many other state buildings we’ve visited, although the several stories of space under its giant dome is quite impressive.

We also found all of that real estate, 360,000 square feet of floor space and nearly 400 rooms, mostly empty – except for us visitors of course. That’s not really surprising considering the Texas Legislature only meets every other year and then for only 140 days in regular session.

Texas Legislature, Austin

Photo of the Day: Denver State Capitol

History is Written by the Victor

This fresco hangs above the State House of Representatives in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I wonder if they see the irony. Perhaps a better inscription would read “History is written by the victor.”

Mansions on the Cheap

Minnesota State Capitol Building, St. Paul, MN

One sure way to break the travel budget is with lots of mansion tours. The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, is fantastic, but as one of my readers correctly pointed out ‘at the price they charge it’s no wonder.’ Entrance fees for Biltmore can run as much as $64 per person. The Breakers in Newport will set you back almost $20, and the James Hill House in St. Paul, Minnesota, runs eight bucks. If you’re wondering who in Sam Hill is James Hill, all I can say to you is – exactly. Read More…

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