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Cordoba Highlights: A Mosque-Cathedral and a Microbrewery

Cordoba Spain

To the victor go the spoils…and the right to re-decorate.

In the site where Cordoba’s Mezquita now stands there was once a Roman temple, then a Visigothic cathedral and then a mosque. Rather than re-do the entire edifice in the 13th century when Christian crusaders took over the town, they left the majority of the mosque intact but made a significant alteration. They constructed a Catholic church in its center.

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All Play and No Work

Too Many Roses to Smell

The problem with Europe is that there are too many roses to smell.

“Slow and fast are the Yin and Yang of our travels. Oftentimes we have difficulty striking the right balance between the two. Move too fast and we risk burnout. Move too slow and we get antsy.”

That’s what we said during our first year of full-time travel. It’s just as true more than three years later, although in a bit of a different way.

We eventually got pretty good at finding a balance while traveling in the motor home. After that first year we seemed to develop a bit of a feel for how long we’d need to spend in each type of place. Sometimes that was three days. Other times it was a week.

We usually knew even before we arrived how long we’d want to spend at a destination. And how we’d split that time between sightseeing, work and chores.

Now that we’ve landed in Europe that old sense of balance has gone completely out the window. And there is one reason for that: there’s way too much to do here!!!!

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The Real Alcazar of Seville, A Photo Tour

The longer we travel, the more we’re impressed by the world’s seemingly limitless capacity to amaze. Even after visiting countless mansions, castles, châteaux, palaces and the like, we were still totally blown away by the elaborate mudéjar architecture of Seville’s Royal Palace. Because words don’t do it justice, we’ll just shut up and show you a small bit of this incredible place.

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More Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

Because we really can’t get enough.

How to Stream U.S. Television Shows While Traveling Abroad

Unable to Download

Just imagine, you’re in the Rome airport staring down the barrel of a five-hour layover. Fortunately, you came prepared. You fire up your Netflix account hoping to while away your downtime watching House of Cards only to be greeted by a message saying you can’t watch anything from your current location.

One of the annoying inconveniences of traveling overseas is the inability to stream domestic televisions shows while outside the country. License restrictions generally prevent services like Netflix and Hulu from working internationally. Sure, you can buy a Game of Thrones episode off Amazon’s Instant Video service from anywhere in the world, but you won’t actually be allowed to watch that video until you’re back in the States. Even otherwise free content from the big broadcasters, like NBC, won’t stream overseas.

Good thing there are some work arounds.

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